Some Changes Coming

Some Changes Coming

It’s been a while that I’ve been thinking of stepping up the resolution of the pictures I post. Trying to find the sweet spot where it’s not going to take forever to load my website and also having a good enough resolution for people to enjoy.

What I’ve decided on is switching to 2048 pixels for the width (or height whichever is longer) and also posting the same picture on both my facebook and google+, so if you follow me on facebook or G+ there won’t be a need to follow a link to see the picture I posted. I will try to replace my current work on my website with higher resolution files but it’s a process that will take a while.

All the work I publish is my own original work, you are more than welcome to download and use them for personal use (desktop background, small prints,etc.), also you can share them but under the condition that you attribute the image to Farzin Montazersadgh and FarzinPhoto, but if you want to use it commercially you will need to contact me for licensing.

Thanks for the comments/recommendations that was brought to my attention.


Photo by Keith

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